How to Choose the Perfect Showit Template for Your Brand

December 5, 2023

Showit is a popular website builder platform designed specifically for creative professionals like photographers, designers, and bloggers. With Showit, you can create a custom website using pre-made templates rather than building a site completely from scratch.

The purpose of this article is to provide guidance on how to select the best Showit template for your needs. I’m going to cover key factors to consider when evaluating templates, like branding, features, customization, and more. By the end of this guide, you’ll understand what to look for in a Showit template so you can choose one aligning with your site goals and brand. With the right template, you can launch a beautiful, functional website quickly and easily using Showit.

Determine Your Site Goals

The first step in choosing a Showit website template is to clearly define your goals for the site. Your site goals will dictate what type of template and features you need.

Some common website goals include:

  • Ecommerce – If selling products online is your primary goal, choose a template designed with shop pages. Look for built-in features like shopping carts, product galleries, and inventory management.
  • Portfolio – To showcase creative work or photography, a portfolio template is ideal. These templates focus on visual presentation with large images and minimal text.
  • Blog – For publishing articles and content over time, a blog template is optimized for that purpose. Expect to see features like categories, author bios, and post schedules.
  • Informational – If your aim is to present information on services, products, or your brand, an informational template works best. The design is clean and focuses on communicating details.

Clearly identifying your primary goal will allow you to narrow your template search to match your needs. This ensures you don’t choose a template with unnecessary features that will go unused.

Consider Your Branding

When choosing a Showit website template, it’s important to consider how the design and style align with your overall brand image. The template you select should seamlessly reflect the look, feel, tone, and messaging that your brand is known for.

Some key things to think about are your brand colors, fonts, photography style, voice, and personality. The template should incorporate visual elements that are consistent with your brand guidelines. For example, if you have specific brand colors, you’ll want to choose a template that allows you to easily customize the color scheme. Or if your brand uses handwritten or script fonts, you’ll want to find a template that includes those font styles.

The template should also match the style of images and photography that you use across your brand visuals. A youthful, playful brand would want a much different looking template than a formal luxury brand. Make sure the design elements truly bring out the heart and soul of your brand visually.

Ultimately, the template should become an seamless extension of your brand, reinforcing the image, style, and messaging that you want to convey to your audience. So keep your brand guidelines and overall aesthetics front of mind as you evaluate template options. The goal is to have the design smoothly reflect and strengthen your brand.

showit website template preview
Inside of a Showit website template Watercolor


Visual design is a critical aspect of any website. The layout, images, color scheme, and other visual elements all work together to create the look and feel of your site. When assessing Showit website templates, pay close attention to the visual design options available.

The visual design should align with your brand identity and resonate with your target audience. Consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Do you prefer a clean and modern look or something more bold and artistic?

Look through the template options with a critical eye. View the demo sites to get a feel for the designs. Ask yourself if the color schemes, font choices, image styles, and layouts appeal to you. The visuals should help convey your brand personality.

Examine the template structure. Evaluate if the layout draws attention to important elements without being cluttered. Check that key pages like the homepage, about page, and blog have effective designs. View the templates on both desktop and mobile to ensure they are responsive.

Review Built-In Features

When choosing a Showit template, it’s important to review the built-in features and functionality to determine if they align with your website needs. Some key things to look at:

Menus and Navigation

  • What menu options are available – horizontal, vertical, mega menus, etc?
  • How menu looks on mobile vs desktop

Headers and Footers

  • What header layouts and designs are included?
  • Can you easily edit header content?
  • What footer options are there? Copyright section, social icons, newsletter sign up, etc?

Pages and Layouts

  • Review the different page layout designs – are there single page, multi-page, templates for specific pages like About or Contact?
  • Look at blog/post page designs – do they have the options you need? Sidebars, featured images, etc.

Widgets and Modules

  • Check what widgets, call-out boxes, buttons, icons are included to add visual interest.
  • See if key elements like call-to-action buttons, opt-in forms, social sharing icons are readily available.

By thoroughly evaluating the built-in functionality, you can determine if a template provides what you’ll need for your site or if you’ll need to look for one with more customizable features. Focus on the must-have website elements for your specific goals.

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Compare Pricing

Showit offers several pricing options for website templates to fit different needs and budgets. Understanding the costs upfront can help you select the best template for your site goals and available resources.

When comparing template pricing, be sure to factor in any additional costs for hosting, plugins, stock photos, fonts, and other design assets. Reading the entire price breakdown will give you the full picture.

Read Customer Reviews

When choosing a Showit template, it’s important to read through customer reviews and check out real website examples built with each template. This gives you a better sense of how the templates look and function in a live environment.


When choosing a Showit website template, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Site Goals – Determine what the main goals are for your website, whether it’s ecommerce, blogging, portfolio, etc. Choose a template that supports those goals.
  • Branding – Pick a template that aligns with your brand style and allows you to use your brand colors, fonts, and images. Consistent branding builds recognition.
  • Design – Evaluate the visual design and layout options to find one that fits your preferences and needs. Pick something professional yet unique.
  • Features – Look for built-in features like galleries, contact forms, social sharing buttons that will enhance your site without extra work.
  • Price – Compare template pricing structures to find one that provides good value for the money based on your budget and needs.
  • Reviews – Reading customer reviews can reveal pros and cons from actual users’ experiences with different templates.

By considering these key factors, you’ll be equipped to select the ideal Showit template for your website goals, brand, and needs. The right template choice will provide a solid foundation upon which you can then build and grow your site.

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