Why I switched to Showit?

January 28, 2022

Why did I switch to Showit? There are many reasons actually. I’ve tried so many websites builders and nothing fits me like Showit.

1) Mobile responsive

Creating a mobile version of a website was never so easy for me. It’s not a perfect feature, but I can freely drag&drop everything on a website and it will be displayed great on many devices.

2) Interface

I can compare it with many builders and my choice is Showit cause it’s kind of similar to Photoshop and really easy to use. Especially if you’re not a designer and not a tech guru – Showit has a great intuitive interface. One of my fave features is Design settings where I can organize and see all of my fonts and colors.

3) Drag&Drop Freedom

I remember my struggle with Webflow, Squarespace and other builders. Not with Showit duh! It was just reminded me of Photoshop or Figma in the way how easy to edit text, move objects and layers to the way I wanted to see.

4) WordPress integration

Another great feature is that Showit will host your blog on one of the most prominent hosting platforms in the industry WP Engine. The Showit platform integrates with the most popular content management system – WordPress.

5) Support team

I honestly love how Showit support team helps with any tasks out there. Need to connect domain? Ready. Need to change the subscription? Easy. These guys will take care of the SSL certificate or connect WordPress blog for you. Isn’t that great? It’s a big pros for me

6) Animation and videos

Another reason for me to choose Showit is how easy to add gifs, videos and animated SVG icons. I think I’ll write a single post with a tutorial on how to add all of these features. I remember how was frustrating to learn animation on other builders. Not a problem anymore

7) Forms, Marketing and social integration

I generally like how it’s easy to add HTML code on Showit without getting nerdy. I personally added Flodesk, Shopify buttons, Legal pages. Of course, there’s more. I often see Dubsado and Thrive carts on other Showit sites.

And for the new feature – Instagram widget, that has been added recently. Before everyone uses SnapWidget. Don’t need that anymore. Much better

If you considering trying Showit there is a list of good features and pros. Of course, there are some minuses as well. But in my opinion, it’s the best website builder for service-based websites and small businesses. Great for Photographers, Designers, Bloggers, Social media managers and other entrepreneurs who need working and easily customized websites.

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