5 Reasons Why You Need a New Website

February 19, 2022

If you want to generate your business, sales, leads and also increase your brand value you need a good professionally made website! What if you already have a website but have no leads? That’s mean your website is probably outdated or not reflecting your branding properly. Here is the list of why you need a new website:

1) Your services or products have changed

If your offering has shifted significantly your website needs a refresh. New services – new website update.

2) Your website is over 3 years

Technologies change and platforms get updated so websites need to keep up. If you haven’t updated your website design in the last 3 years, now is the time to do it. I would recommend updating the website every 1-2 years, but if your website is over 3 years it’s a must!

3) Your website isn’t responsive or mobile friendly.

Yes, technological change affects this too. If you think users use mobile gadgets only apps you’re wrong. Most of small businesses don’t need an app but rather a website. Mobile website traffic now makes up more than half of web visits. If your site isn’t compatible with mobile devices, you’re missing out on all those potential visitors and sales.

4) You don’t have enough leads or conversions.

If you aren’t getting enough leads or sales conversions from your site, it’s likely time for an upgrade. There are many reasons why starting from the wrong CTA and ending bad pop-ups that make users leave a website. You probably need professional design help to update your website.

5) Your website is not reflecting your new branding

Most likely when you started your company, your branding was different than it is now. Users should easily read your niche, your vibes and what services you provide. Same as new services, new branding need a new site.

Even if you scored 1 out of 5, it’s time to create a new website! If you want to invest contact me to see how we can work together to create a custom website for your business.


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