DIY website or hire a professional designer?

February 26, 2022

I’m going to write this post not from only a web designer perspective, but also as if I would be a small business owner without any website design experience. What is better to DIY on your own or hire a professional designer?

DIY the right fit for you if:

? You are on a budget
? You are super creative
? You just started your business and want to grow
? You are good self-taught or have basic knowledge about website design

Hire a professional website designer:

? You already have a website, but it’s not high converting
? You are ready to invest to grow your business
? You prefer to work with an expert in the design field
? Not ready to spend time learning web design nuances

Now let me explain. If you’re just started your business and want to grow, but are not ready to invest – try DIY. Play around, choose the right website builder, buy or use any free template. It’s okay to start from there and it’s a good option.

And if you’re ready to invest in really good website design you should hire an expert web designer. Cause no matter what – an expert web designer knows how to create high converting and strategic website design better.

Creating a website design is not an easy process. I remember my first designs being created (a long long time ago). Even if I looked at other websites I wasn’t able to understand why my designs don’t look good compared to them. Something like expectation vs reality. So be ready if you decided to go and design from scratch -that probably not going to work. That’s why I recommend using templates that have already been created by professionals and your job is to put content, change colors and the logo.

For someone that wants 100% professional-looking and working website, I recommend hiring an expert web designer. (not junior!) Make sure to look or ask for a portfolio. The portfolio is a must. If designer works resonate with you it might be your designer.

It’s okay to start from DIY website. Invest whenever you feel the need.


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